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Since my early age I believed that “Everything is valued, where it belongs.” I always tried to understand things in context of their belongings. This instinct diverted my paths towards marketing and a strong impulse to do something innovative in the world of digital marketing led me to work with more than 300 multinationals. I was a power user of digg.com and was one of the Top 15 social media marketers. In early 2000’s I decided to square the modern marketing strands in Pakistan as I had a full command and a vast experience of international marketing trends of the 21st century. My first step in this regard was to start a marketing company for direct sales. My next step was the establishment of a call center where I started many foreign campaigns of multinationals. In 2005 I started a digital marketing agency. My goal was to provide One Window Marketing Solution to small businesses in Pakistan. I was also the very first to introduce the local franchising system in Punjab Pakistan. My basic strength is honesty and team work. Start-ups are my prime focus. I am destined to remove poverty from Pakistan and all over the world.

Personal Statment

To live with integery and want to make a difference in the lives of other Respect natural laws and try to imporve my self on daily basis.

Professional statement

For being a highly passionate sale man wants to present the abstract dimensions of the concrete world before the people. Want to revolutionize the modern marketing trends in Pakistan as well as the whole world by using excellent qualities of leadership and creativity.

Mentoring Session At LUMS Centre For Entrepreneurship

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